Top 3 Countries That Has The Lowest Economy In The Planet

The poorest countries are the countries with a low level of development and in which the populations lives are hard. Their economy is vulnerable, and they receive little foreign direct investment and their exports are weak. In this article, you will know more about the poorest country with low Economy. The Burundi Burundi is on the first step of this sad podium. Due to their gross domestic product per capital. The capital that worth 267 dollars of GDP. According to estimates published by the IMF in October 2020. The East African country now has a GDP of $3.3 billion. They are having low economy because of their low Income. They have 11.53 million Population inhabitants in the year 2019. South Sudan South Sudan assume to itself, that they took the second place in the ranking of the poorest countries on this planet with a GDP per capital of 323 dollars (+ 6.6% contrast to 2020). The East African country has a gross domestic product of 4.6 billion dollars. As at 2021 their GDP 2021 is $4.... See more