What to do when you find a cat?

During your walk or while walking, you come across a stray cat. But you don't know who to alert or what behavior to adopt to save the life of this abandoned feline. We'll give you the tips that will help you save this animal without wasting your time.

Consider dropping the cat off at a veterinarian

The veterinarian in the area where you found the cat is the best person to find the cat's owner. In fact, more detailed information is provided on the site to help you adopt the right behavior. It is the veterinarian who has a good command of the tattoo of each cat in the neighborhood. By leaving it there, the first action that its owner will adopt when he feels its disappearance is to go to the vet. He is the doctor of the cats in the neighborhood, so he is able to determine the owner of the cat.

Post a notice on the specialized pages

The easiest thing to do to quickly find the owner of the lost cat you have found is to write a message on the pages designed to report the loss of an animal. You will gently notify that a cat has been found by giving all possible details. Be sure to include the pet's characteristics for further clarification. While posting your ad, it is a good idea to take a picture of the feline to quickly reach its owner. This will save you time and you will find the owner within a given time.

Beware of scammers

The more details you give about the found cat, the more you expose yourself to scammers. By describing the coat, its scar, ill-intentioned people can impersonate the owner of this pet. It is important that at this point you pay attention to messages received and calls. You can ask the person pretending to be the owner to give you a brief description of their pet, focusing on the particular signs that their cat has on its fur. These questions will help you to know if it is really the owner.