What are the three main families of shower faucets?

Shower faucets are indispensable in a modern shower. They are classified into three families on the basis of certain specific characteristics. Before choosing one for your bathroom, it is important to take advantage and limit knowledge of each.

Mixers: an antique shower faucet model

Mixers are the first models of shower faucets that appeared on the market of plumbing accessories. They have two handles intended for hot and cold water supply respectively. All you need to do is to make the appropriate adjustment to obtain a specific flow and a water temperature adapted to your needs. On the site specialized in second-hand sales https://www.erowz.fi, you can find them in two forms which are different from each other with their ceramic or valve heads. The ceramic head remains a more advantageous choice, as it guarantees an optimal water flow and temperature. In addition, this category of mixers has a longer service life than the valve mixers. Clearly, what makes mixers strong is their relatively low price, which attracts the most users.

Mixers: a popular shower faucet model

Mixers are a very popular family of shower faucets, but one that is somewhat newer to the market. If they are found in many showers, it is because of their ease of use. Indeed, unlike the mixer, they have a single handle. To adjust the temperature of the water, simply move the handle to the right or to the left. To adjust the flow rate, you just have to move the handle up or down. You do not need to mix water manually, everything is done directly inside the equipment thanks to a cartridge made of ceramic material. They are offered on the market in various styles and shapes. Despite their somewhat high price, these accessories remain durable and practical choices.

Thermostatic mixing valves: a sophisticated shower faucet model

This is a very new and sophisticated family of shower faucets. They are equipped with a sensor that reinforces their thermostatic cartridge. With this type of accessory, the adjustments become more simplified thanks to these two controls. This is a more interesting alternative to older models, as they are more economical in use. On the other hand, it will be necessary to pay a substantial amount of money to acquire these accessories.