How to improve your mood?

There are times in our lives when disgust sets in, we don't feel like doing anything anymore. In this case, how to boost your morale or improve your mood? We have some tips to help in this sense and allow you to boost your mood.

  The fat

It's not about over-consuming bad fats. Read Full Report for more informations. About adding a small portion of fat to your plate at each meal: a tablespoon of olive oil on vegetables, a knob of butter on mashed potatoes, a few pieces of lard on roasted foods, a little chocolate on toast, etc. In fact, several scientific studies have shown that moderate fat consumption is an excellent ally in the fight against depression and sadness.


Physical activity, whether intense or moderate, improves mood by stimulating the release of endorphins, the famous "feel-good" hormones. Why not start your day with a short jog or exercise at home? You can also end the day with a water aerobics session, a bike ride, a walk in the woods or a hula hoop? As you change your physical activities and innovations, your enthusiasm, and therefore your morale, increases. So why not try new sports like aqua zumba, trampoline or others? There's plenty to choose from!


Citrus aromas are very dynamic and lively and give you a real boost of energy. Inhale a few drops of citrus essential oils (mandarin, sweet orange, tangerine, etc.) when you're feeling down. Alternatively, try orange juice immediately after breakfast, a fruit salad with a few citrus slices and a tangerine for a snack....... Citrus fruits are perfect for savory dishes and their peel can be covered with chocolate: oranges or lemons. Sweets that make you feel good!

Make yourself a cup of tea

A cup of tea can reduce stress, blood pressure and the risk of cardiovascular disease. When you're having a bad day, drinking a hot beverage can help you relax and forget about your problems.