Everything you need to know about Chinese social networks

With a large user base, Chinese social media platforms have accumulated a wealth of local content over the years, and users now have detailed access to relevant content tailored to their interests and location. Users now have detailed access to relevant content tailored to their interests and location. What makes Chinese social networks so unique? Read on to find out more.

What makes Chinese social media so unique ?

Chinese social media platforms are primarily aimed at mobile users. To learn more, click this link. In other words, these sites focus on fast and instantaneous exchanges. This strong focus on mobile devices, among other things, makes social listening difficult. Companies need specific skills to monitor and learn from online conversations about brands, products and various topics. 

While Western social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have struggled to gain a foothold in China, Chinese social media companies have made great strides and bet on innovation, creating many new social media platforms that offer users more features. In China, the social media industry is not dominated by a small group of companies, but continues to grow, with platforms growing and shrinking at a faster pace.

Why is Chinese social media so important to big brands ?

According to Chinese government research, there are currently 802 million active Internet users in China, representing 57.7% of the country's population. In comparison, the US looks pretty pale in comparison with its 300 million Internet users, who make up 78.2% of the country's population. China makes up for its lower market penetration with much greater growth potential. 

Mobile users are turning to platforms like WeChat and Weibo for the latest recommendations, reviews and advice, making Chinese social networks faster and more dynamic. In addition, highly mobile penetration plays an important role in hosting large-scale networking events. Therefore, it is impossible for global brands to miss such a large consumer market. 

They need to invest time and energy to keep up with Chinese media trends. China is not only an important market, but also the starting point for many popular trends in Asia. Unfortunately, many brands do not fully understand the Chinese market and do not have the time to follow local trends in real time.